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Juul compatible pods

Juul compatible pods

Posted by Mrvapes on 5th Aug 2019

All Juul Compatible Pods Offering a huge variety of flavors and combinations, Juul Compatible Pods deliver something for everyone. Whether you like Mango, Strawberry, dessert flavors or traditional tobacco and Menthol, there is a pod variety ready for you to enjoy. ABOUT JUUL COMPATIBLE PODSJuul-compatible pods feature a whole world of additional flavors that are optimally produced to function with the Juul device, created to enrich what standard Juul pods already feature. With zero co

50/50 E-Ejuice

24th Apr 2019

For what reason would I vape a 50/50 you ask, well sit a spell and you'll know, Of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and how it influences your vape's stream When talking of PG, the more slender of the two, it doesn't create quite a bit of a cloud In spite of the fact that the flavor is more extravagant and progressively articulated, this fixing must be permitted Presently talking about VG, the thick and sweet, this will enable you to settle on a mod As the thicker the fluid, the more gro

The 3 Best Vape tanks 2018

11th Apr 2018

The 3 Best vape Tanks of 2018With so many vape tanks available worldwide it can be very hard for someone to choose the right tank. Tanks make or break the vaping experience, if you don't have the right tank then you are missing out. Tanks bring out the flavor and give way more clouds for the cloud chasers out there. From my point of view, I look for two things in a tank, the delivery of the e juice and capacity. Remember its all about the flavor when trying to quit smoking, so make sure you spen

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